Troubleshooting Sign in Issues

If you are unable to log in to MyUnyte or the Unyte app, ensure you have created a MyUnyte account. You should have received an email invitation that prompted you to set up a username and password.


Your username is the email address to which the invitation was sent.



  1. At with client/provider email and associated password you created your MyUnyte account with
  2. If you receive an error message other than ‘incorrect password/email’ please inform us of the error message and provide screenshots if able
  3. If password is forgotten, please reset your password


General Troubleshooting/Questions: 

  1. Ensure no spaces in email and autofill is off when entering credentials
  2. Please provide a picture or screenshot of the device with the error message if the issue persists. 
  3. Please let us know which type of phone you are using and the version software
  4. Delete and re-download the app
  5. Update your phone's version software if available
  6. Restart your device by shutting it off and powering it back on  
  7. Do you have the issue when you login to both and the Unyte app? 
  8. Ensure your device is compatible by reviewing this list: What Devices Can be Used to Access SSP or ILS (Focus)?


Reset Password instructions:

  1. How Do I Reset My MyUnyte Password?
  2. You can also reset your password by going into the Unyte app and selecting 'Forgot My Password' from the sign in screen


Locating reset password email: 

  1. Search spam and junk folders if unable to locate
  2. Search in your inbox as this is the address of the sender or search ‘Reset MyUnyte Password’ as this is the subject of the email