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How do Client Licenses work?

Subscriptions active after December 12, 2023 provide Client Licenses. This article explains how licenses work for both SSP and ILS (Focus) subscriptions.

Subscriptions active before December 12, 2023 include active clients (What is an Active Client?). To switch to Client Licenses please reach out to success@unyte.com

How many Client Licenses do I get?

The annual SSP and ILS (Focus) subscription plans include 25 client licenses every year at no extra cost, regardless of how much or when they listen each month. The 3-month SSP subscription plan includes six client licenses every three months. 

Additional licenses can be purchased for $25 each. A purchased license does not expire until used by a client. 

How does a Client License work?

  • A license is ‘assigned’ to a client but is not considered ‘used’ until listening begins. Each Client License provides unlimited access for 12 months from the start of listening (provider subscription must be active).
  • A license can be re-assigned if it has not been used.  
  • Once a client with an assigned license starts a listening session, the license is now used and permanently associated with that client for 12 months of unlimited use. 
  • When a plan renews, unused client licenses are not rolled into the new term. Purchased licenses (if any) remain available until they are ‘used’
  • When a subscription is canceled, licenses are removed. 

See the following graphic to further illustrate: 

How can I monitor how many Client Licenses I have?

From the ‘Client’ page in MyUnyte, you’ll see a running count of Available Licenses in the upper right corner.  Click ‘More Details’ to see a complete breakdown.


If you have any questions, email our Client Success team at success@unyte.com.