How do I repeat an SSP program in the Unyte-iLs app?

When selecting and repeating the program the listener will see the option to 'Replay' or 'Continue'. The first time they're listening to a program they will see 'Play'.



Replay is suggested when the hour you've chosen has been fully listened to. This will allow you to start from the beginning of the hour. 

Continue is offered when there is additional time remaining in the hour and will begin the session where you last left off. 


In each case you can adjust the start and end of the session length after the volume test by adjusting the sliders. See “How to adjust session length” for more information.


To make a completely fresh start, we recommend that you create a new client account with a new email address.  If your client does not have a new unique email address please see this support article: What If a Client Doesn't Have an Email Address? It is not possible to delete previous listening history.