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How Do I Navigate the Unyte-iLs App? (Providers)

The Unyte-iLs app is the delivery mechanism for the SSP and ILS (Focus System)  programs and can be thought of as the “music player”. Through the app, you and your clients can access their assigned program for listening in the clinic, at home or via video conferencing. 

This article will show you how to navigate the most important areas of the Unyte-iLs app.


This video shows the main features of the Provider's view of the Unyte-iLs app. Please note, the former playlist names are indicated in this video. The new names for these playlists are now Original (replaces Adult) and Wonder (replaces Child).  


Download the Unyte-iLs app:

ANDROID: Available through the Google Play Store. 

iOS: Available through the App Store


Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, you will first be prompted with the message: “Allow Unyte-iLs to access photos, media, and files on your device?”

This is a standard message for all Android apps and it is important to “Allow” as the Unyte-iLs app cannot be downloaded without it.  Our app requires access to storage files in order to house the programs. This content will be downloaded the first time you access a program. iLs-Unyte will not access your photo or media files.

Next, log in with the same email and password you created when setting up your MyUnyte account.  



The first screen you see, once logged in, is a list of your clients.

As a provider, you will be able to select from your list of clients to deliver a session in person. 

The first time you access one of the programs, the app will download additional content in order to play that program. You only need to do this once. 

Once downloaded, you’re ready to begin delivering the program.

Select the client from your list of current clients.

This will display a summary of the client’s information, including their session history.

Click “NEXT SESSION” to deliver the next session with your client in-clinic.



Before playing each session, the listener will adjust the volume to an appropriate level. The volume test track will play one of the loudest sections of music found in the playlist. Adjust the volume until the music is at the lowest comfortable level for the listener and leave it at this volume level for the duration of the session. At some points in the session, the music may, by design, get very quiet. Do not re-adjust the volume during the session. 

Because mobile devices used as players can vary widely, it’s important to set the volume preference at the beginning of each session.  When the same device is used for each session the volume level at the first session can be used as a benchmark for improved auditory function.



A session is the period of time between when the music ‘starts’ and ‘ends’ 

‘Pause’ will not end a session, although the listener can choose to ‘end’ while the session is paused.

During a session, use the clearly marked controls (buttons) at the bottom of the screen to play and end the music and pause the session if needed. 

You can also predetermine the session length by adjusting the slider. The default session length is 30 minutes but this can be adjusted down or up.  To adjust the slider, hold your finger on the bubble on either end of the line and move it to the desired point along the line. The slider can adjust both ends of the listening session. Be aware that adjusting the session start and end times may result in songs being cut off in the middle of the song.  Future updates will allow sessions to start and stop at song breaks.


The content and options available within the Unyte-iLs app are constantly evolving. As more features become available, we will update this article.

Together with the video created for clients, your questions about the Unyte-iLs app are answered!

If you have any questions, our support team is available at success@unyte.com