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Administering an Assessment through MyUnyte

To administer an assessment: 


Please note, the option to send an assessment  to your client will only be available once you enable remote delivery and the invitation to create an account is accepted: Navigating MyUnyte - How Do I Add and Manage My Clients for Digital SSP Delivery? Your client can access any assessments you send by logging into their account on my.unyte.com   You are not required to give access to an SSP program in order to send an assessment

  1. Login to my.unyte.com with your provider email and select ‘Assessments’ from the menu on the left
  2. Click on 'Select Client' and choose your client from the list. 
  3. Select 'New Assessment' and the assessment you wish to complete
  4. Complete the demographic fields or ‘opt out’
  5. Two options appear; 'Send to Client' or 'Start'


A note on demographic information:

By understanding more about clients, we can advance our knowledge of the effects of the SSP and continue to grow the SSP evidence base. We can also make future assessments more accurate and relevant. This information will be used to support advancements in SSP clinical training and delivery methods, which will benefit all members of the SSP provider community.

Your client’s information is protected. We adhere to strict privacy guidelines and will never share client information. What protections are in place to protect information?


For more information please see the assessments training in Unyte Academy by selecting ‘Certifications’ in MyUnyte.