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Navigating MyUnyte - How Do I Add and Manage My Clients for Digital Delivery?

Welcome to MyUnyte!

This is the central hub for managing your SSP and ILS clients and monitoring their progress. You can add and remove clients and assign the appropriate SSP or ILS program from here.

Access MyUnyte at my.unyte.com from a web browser (NOT Internet Explorer).  Functionality is improved when accessed through a laptop or computer.

This article will show you how to navigate the most important areas of the MyUnyte experience.



You will first be presented with the “MY DASHBOARD” view. This provides an overview of your account, your clients and quick links to the most commonly-used areas of MyUnyte.

Along the left side are links to Clients, Assessments, Programs, Resources, and Academy.

The top right corner allows you to edit your personal information, including changing your email address and password.



To add a client, start by clicking on the “CLIENTS” link in the column on the left of the screen.

This opens the CLIENTS page.

At the top of the page, click on the “+ Add Client” button

A new screen will ask 'Do you want to enable Remote Delivery for this client?'

Two options appear - YES and NO


With a login, your client will have controlled access to MyUnyte and the Unyte-iLs app from their own device. This is necessary for remote delivery and is the most common option.

This option will send an email to your client that will allow them to create their own account.  With this account and login, your client will have the ability to access the Unyte-iLs app from their own Android or iOS device.

  • Enter the client’s name and email address and select the appropriate SSP or ILS Program. 
  • Your client receives an email with an invitation to create their own MyUnyte account.
  • Your client accepts the invitation and creates a password.
  • Your client will download the Unyte-iLs app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use the log-in information from above to sign in.
  • Once the client has accepted the invitation, their name will appear on your client list. Until they accept, you can find all open client invitations under the “Pending Invitations” tab. 


Use this option for clients you will only administer the SSP or ILS to in person, with your own device. With no login, this client will not have direct access to MyUnyte or the Unyte-iLs app.

  • Enter a first and last name for the client to create an account.
  • You will access the program(s) from your Unyte-iLs app

Access to this client’s program is available only through your Unyte/iLs app, for in-person delivery of the protocol. This option should not be used if the client is remote and needs to access the program through their own device.  You are able to add the login option at any time by using the ‘Manage Delivery’ button in any client’s account.



Once you have successfully added a client, you will find them listed under the CLIENTS tab.

To see account and session details for any client, click on the client’s name to reveal additional information.



Enter and edit the client's name, home address, phone number and date of birth.



Allows you to view the session history for that client.



Send client an email invitation to create their own account

Change the program(s) that the client may access on their own device



The ‘Archive’ option only removes the client from the current client list. You can toggle between active (current) and archived clients by using the slider found at the top of the client list.  To return a client to the Active list, use the ‘unarchive’ button. The archive function does not alter a client’s access to their program.



This status suspends the client’s profile and removes the client’s access to their account. ‘Unsuspend’ returns the client to active status at any time.  There is no ‘delete account’ option.


The content and options available with MyUnyte are constantly evolving. As more features become available, we will update this article.


If you have any questions, our support team is available at success@unyte.com.