What is the Volume Test?

This article applies only to the SSP Volume Test.  The volume is tested differently for the ILS (Focus System)

The Volume Test is performed in order to ensure that the listener sets an appropriate volume level for listening before beginning an SSP session. Setting the correct volume is very important.




The Volume Test in the Unyte-iLs app will play one of the loudest sections of music found in the playlist. Adjust the volume while listening to the Volume Test track so that the music is at the lowest comfortable level for that listener (or toward the low end of the range of comfort). 


There is a wide range of what someone might say is comfortable.  Very loud music can be comfortable for some.  But we want the music to be on the low end of that spectrum so that the ear is encouraged to stretch when the music gets soft. The listener should not have to strain to hear the music during the Volume Test.



Leave it at this volume level setting for the duration of this listening session.





At some points in the session, the music may get very quiet. This is by design. Do not re-adjust the volume during a listening session. You will be prompted to perform the Volume Test before starting each listening session.  A listener’s need for volume can change over the course of the SSP.


In addition, please be sure to follow the delivery guidelines described in your training, together with the Remote SSP Delivery Guidelines available online.