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What do I need to know about the updated SSP Training and Certification (2022)?

The new SSP training was automatically added to your MyUnyte account on September 8th, 2022. The following is what you need to know!   



Q: What’s new or different?

  • The origin story of the SSP with Dr. Porges and Karen Onderko,
  • Principles of Polyvagal Theory in Practice with Deb Dana, LCSW,
  • Integrating activities with Kim Barthel, OTR/L, and
  • A new section dedicated to guiding you on practical integration including delivery and economic considerations, marketing and introducing the SSP to your clients

Q: Will I have to pay for the new course?  

No!  We have delivered this course to your Unyte Academy account free of charge!  You can access it through MyUnyte

Q: Do I have to recertify?  

No!  While we highly recommend you complete the updated training, you remain certified from the previous course.

Q: How long is the new course?  

There is currently about 6.5 hours of content in the updated course

Q: Can I just review the new content?  

As so much has changed since the last course was delivered, it is impossible to capture all of the changes with just a few lessons.

Q: Where can I find the new course?  

Sign in to MyUnyte with your provider credentials.  Click on 'Academy' in the left menu


For more information see the following article: Do you offer CEU's for the Foundational SSP and ILS (Focus) Training?