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Tips for Using the SSP Balance

Here are some tips for using SSP Balance:

  • The filtration is the same for each of the hours so there is no specific progression. If a client is drawn to the music in a particular hour, they can continue to listen to that hour over and over. 
  • There are no requirements for how to listen: it can be via speakers, earbuds, or their over-the-ear headphones.
  • The volume setting is the same: the first comfortable level. 
    • The volume isn't modulated as much in SSP Balance as in SSP Core and there is no Volume Test Track. 
  • Frequency and length: the therapist should help the client determine  what’s the best dose and pacing.
  • People may find they can listen to SSP Balance daily or even multiple times a day. They'll need to listen to their body's response and adjust as appropriate.
  • Clients whose autonomic tendency is toward a dorsal vagal response may find the music activating in an aggravating way. If this is the case, they can shift to SSP Connect: Classical. They may want to keep trying with SSP Balance as it can be a state shifter out of dorsal. Agitation may occur since one must go through sympathetic activation from their dorsal state, but it may also help them to get a foothold in ventral vagal.