Self-care tips for my ILS (Focus) System

The following article will help extend the life of your ILS (Focus) equipment. 

One of the main reasons the ILS (Focus) System may become damaged is related to how they are stored between use. Our technical staff suggests storing the ILS (Focus) Systems (equipment in the waist pack and the headphones) by hanging them up so there is no pressure on the cables.
Also, ensuring the cables are not bent at an angle when threaded through the waist pack grommet will lengthen the life of the headphones.
Frequent and multiple use will impact wear and tear on the headphones (and other cabling). Ensuring that there is enough slack in the cable to allow for movement while listening but not too much slack to risk cables being caught on nearby objects is important. Having the waist pack positioned behind the listener on their waist at their low back with the headphone cable going down their back to the waist pack (rather than the cable being in front or at the side) is helpful in keeping movement at the cable connection points minimized as much as possible.
Extra tips:
  • Avoid leaving the amplifier in extreme heat/direct sunlight too long as this can cause battery issues
  • Sweating, certain cleaning agents and extreme humidity levels can also cause issues.
  • You may select a cleaning product from the EPA-approved list of disinfectants found here.
    • Note that none of these products contain agents that are harmful to the system.