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My Client Does Not Like a Particular Song in the SSP Playlist

In curating the playlists for the SSP, many factors were taken into consideration: tone, mood, melody, and lyrics among them. We attempt to avoid lyrics and songs that are universally triggering and do our best to remove songs that are specifically flagged. However, music and people’s response to it are very personal. When a song evokes a reaction, see it as an opportunity to process that together with your client.


Every listener has the choice between the Original, Wonder and Classical Flow playlist. If one playlist is not amenable to that listener's preferences, try the other. Many adults prefer the familiar songs in the Wonder playlist, and children and adolescents who are not a fan of Disney music might prefer the Original or Classical Flow playlist.


Unyte is continually collecting input on song choice and may update the playlists at any time in response to these suggestions.