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I don’t see any clients listed in my ‘Clients’ section on MyUnyte or the Unyte-iLs app

In order to see Clients listed in the Unyte-iLs app, you must first create clients in MyUnyte.  Also, ensure you are signed into the app using your Provider login credentials.  If you have 'Archived' a client, they will show only when you check the filter labeled 'Archived'


If you do not see 'Clients' in the left side menu of MyUnyte, your subscription is not active. Either you have not purchased a subscription yet, or you have not yet completed your certification.

Note - if you are signed in with a Client Account you will not see 'Clients' in the left side menu of MyUnyte. You can sign out by clicking on your name in the top right of the page and sign in with your Provider account.



Once you've added Clients in MyUnyte, and you are logged into the app as the Provider, you will see them listed in the Client section of your Unyte-iLs app.