How to use the ILS (Focus) MP3 Player

The ILS (Focus) MP3 Player is one of the delivery mechanisms for the ILS (Focus) program and can be thought of as the “music player”. If you have an iPod instead of the MP3 Player, please see this article: Technical Support Videos - ILS (Focus) System

The following explains how to set up, navigate and troubleshoot your ILS (Focus) MP3 Player:


Charging MP3 Player and Amplifier

  1. Plug the black amp charger into a surge protector and then plug it into the power jack labeled DC-5V on the back of the amp. A green light will come on to show that it is charging. When the amp is fully charged, the green light will turn off.
  2. Plug the MP3 USB cable into a computer, laptop or USB wall charger. Plug the connector end into the bottom middle of the MP3 Player. The MP3 Player has an on-screen icon indicating its current charge level.



  1. Ensure the headphone cable is matched up with the four-pin connector on the amplifier. When pushing the cable into the headphone port you will notice a soft click. It shouldn’t require too much force when the four pins are lined up.  
  2. Apply forward pressure while tightening the headphone cable adapter in a clockwise direction. This will ensure the connection is secure in the headphone port. 


MP3 to amp cable

  1. Connect the MP3 Player to the amplifier using the MP3 to amplifier cable. To avoid damage to the MP3 cable, plug one end into the “Audio” port on the amplifier. Then wrap the cable underneath and around the headphone cable into the MP3’s headphone port (“horseshoeing it” around the headphone cable). 



*Please be patient when navigating the MP3 Player as there is a delay in response to touch* 

  • Press and hold the power on/off button located on the top right of the MP3 Player to turn the device on and off. 
  • To access and listen to the Focus Programs:
    1. Swipe up to unlock screen
    2. Select the green music icon

3. Select the folder on the top middle of the screen followed by Focus 30 Programs. 


4. Select your desired program followed by session


5. Once a session is selected it will automatically begin playing with the option to pause and resume at any time. 

6. The bottom middle of the screen also has the following functions:

    1. Arrow pointing left takes you to previous page
    2. Square takes you to home screen
    3. 3 bullet points with columns shows all tabs open



  • If the MP3 Player has abnormal behavior such as a permanent black screen or inability to operate, it can be turned off and on by pressing and holding the power on/off key.
  • If it does not power back on, check to see if the battery is dead by plugging the MP3 USB cable into a computer, laptop or USB wall charger. Plug the connector end into the bottom middle of the MP3 player. The MP3 player has an on-screen icon indicating its current charge level.


Headphone Tests

Regular Headphone Tests may be completed to ensure your equipment is in working condition: 


Air Conduction: 

  1. Turn on the amplifier and set the AC knob to 1 (a click will occur and a blue light should come on the front of the amp. If it does not please ensure you have fully charged the amplifier). Set the Bone Conduction volume to 0. 
  2. Set your MP3 Player volume to full. 
  3. Put your headphones on (take note that they are labeled left and right)
  4. On the MP3 Player press the music icon, select folder icon followed by Headphone Test > Air Conduction Test > Left ear Test
  5. Music will begin playing in the left ear only. You may need to adjust the AC volume to hear depending on your level of sensitivity as well as ensuring the headphone cable and MP3 to amp cable are fully plugged in and secure. 
  6. Rotate and apply pressure to the cables to see if there are any changes in the sound quality. 
  7. Once confirmed, press the back arrow in the upper left-hand side of the screen and select the Right Ear Test
  8. Repeat steps 4 & 5


Bone Conduction: 

  1. Turn your AC volume as low as it will go (0.5) without turning off the amplifier
  2. Turn your BC knob to 1 (full) and your MP3 Player volume full. 
  3. From the Headphone Test playlist select Bone Conduction Test and then select the BC test track. 
  4. Hold the center headband of the headphones close to your ear to hear the music through the bone conductor. You may also hold/rest the bone conductor between your fingers and feel it vibrating slightly. *The bone conductor is located at the center most point of the headband and felt most prominently from the bottom side of the headband*
  5. Rotate the wires to see if there are any changes in sound quality
  6. Check to see if there is any part of the cable that is fraying or in which the protective coating is falling off. 


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