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How to Return Your Focus Home Program

If you need guidance or have questions about your ILS (Focus System) program, contact your Unyte-trained provider. If you are in need of technical assistance or equipment troubleshooting, contact the Unyte Service Department at success@unyte.com


If you are working with a Unyte-trained provider, please contact them using the information they've provided before reaching out to Unyte. 

If you wish to return your ILS (Focus) Home Program, please send an email requesting next steps to 


Once your return is authorized, you will receive two emails:

  1. From Unyte that details return instructions
  2. **(Continental US only) From FedEx that contains your return label. Please note: The email from FedEx typically is marked as spam—check your spam folder for this email!

Print out the FedEx return label and affix it to the outside of the box or package in which you have placed your ILS (Focus) System Home Program. Drop off your box or package at the nearest FedEx location. 

Once Unyte receives your ILS (Focus) System Home Program return, we will stop all monthly payments associated with your Focus System Home Program.