How Does an SSP or ILS (Focus) Subscription Work?

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and ILS (Focus) Program are made available through a subscription service. The monthly cost of the subscription goes down as the level of commitment goes up. The lowest rate is realized with a 12-month commitment.


When a purchase is made via a credit card, that card is captured and used to pay the subsequent monthly charges.  A credit card can be changed by visiting the 'My Billing' option in your MyUnyte account.

MyUnyte - your online dashboard for managing SSP and Focus programs. - Google Chrome 2023-09-22 8_56_33 AM

You can upgrade an SSP subscription plan to a 12-month subscription at any time and reduce your monthly rate immediately.  Upgrading to a 12-month subscription creates a new plan and the date of inception begins anew. A 12-month subscription is currently the only option for the ILS (Focus) Program. 


With any subscription plan, the chosen subscription will automatically renew for another term at the end of the term, unless the subscriber requests in writing to cancel, with Unyte.


Notice of cancellation and upgrade can be sent to at any time during the current term. Charges will continue to accrue and access will remain active through the number of months in the current term.