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How do I listen to the SSP or ILS (Focus System) as a Provider?

As a Provider, you have two options to listen to the SSP and/or ILS (Focus System):  As a client or in Preview Mode.  Preview Mode does not record to the dashboard and you are limited to only 20 minutes per day.  The preferred approach is to set yourself up as a client.


You have two ways to do that:

You can add yourself as a client without remote access.  Your name will appear in your client list when you are logged in to the app as a Provider.  

  • Click 'CLIENT' link on the left in MyUnyte (your computer)
  • Click 'ADD CLIENT'
  • When the question pops up about remote delivery, click 'no'
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Click submit


You can add yourself as a client with remote access.  You will need a different email address from what you used to set up your Provider account.  Your email address acts as a unique username.

  • When the question pops up about Remote Deliver, click 'yes'
  • Enter first and last name
  • Enter unique email address
  • Click submit

You will receive an email with an account creation invitation.  This will mimic what your client's experience will be when you send them an invite to access the SSP and/or ILS (Focus) remotely.