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How Can My Client Ensure They are Listening at the Right Volume Level in the App?

These instructions apply only to the SSP - For information on the Volume Test in the Focus System, please see this article (coming soon).



Before every listening session, the listener will be prompted to set the volume via the Volume Test Track. This is a segment of the program where the acoustic energy is at the highest level.  We suggest that you select the volume at which you are first comfortable listening to this track. Once the volume is set, do not adjust it again during the listening session. At times the music will sound very soft. Please avoid boosting the volume as this is an intentional aspect of the filtration algorithm.  

The goal is to have the volume set so that when the lower volume sections are played, the ear is encouraged to engage and stretch to hear it.  So we use the loudest sections for the volume test and instruct listeners to not change the volume when it gets hard to hear.  Most people have a very broad range of comfortable.  Some people are comfortable with very loud music.  To those people, say 'turn it down some - is it still comfortable?'  We define comfortable as being able to understand the words without straining.  Then, can it go lower and still be comfortable?


Since the music can be played on a wide variety of phones and tablets, there is no recommended starting volume level. The sound intensity of the program is set so that the volume is never high enough to be harmful to the user’s ears or hearing. 


What if my client is non-verbal? 

A non-verbal client may still be able to indicate when the volume level is comfortable via hand gestures or facial expressions. Continue to offer the Volume Test Track before each session and the process may become clear. If there is no clear response, set the volume slightly below what would be comfortable to the therapist or parent unless more is known about the client’s hearing ability.