Case Study Submission

We have revamped our research efforts and you have the opportunity to submit 1 qualified case submission every 12 months that can earn you $250 in store credit. Your Case Study Submissions inform our ongoing clinical guidelines and provide hope for those on their healing journey. Please see the following to contribute to our ongoing research: Case Study Submission Form

Review these Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the form?
    Estimated time = up to 1 hour
  • How long before I hear back about approval/credit?
    ~ 5 business days
  • How many Case Studies can I submit?
    One qualified submission every 12 months (though Providers may submit others without the credit)
  • What counts as a qualified submission?
    • All items completed.
    • Substantive and detailed responses according to item descriptions.
    • Supporting information provided through client testimony, assessment results, multimedia, graphs/charts or similar
  • Can I view a preview of the form? 
    You can view a PDF preview of the full form by clicking on the computer thumbnail on the landing page or on the link underneath it here: Case Study Submission Form.  The Case Study Submission Form is also available in the provider's Resource section of MyUnyte
  • How can I use the credit?
    Credit placed in your account
    To be applied toward your next invoice including Active Client charges, monthly subscription charges, product or training purchase